Turkcell Announces Artificial Intelligence Principles

ISTANBUL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) today announced its AI Principles that commit to the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence technologies that will be embedded to core business procedures and technologies. This initiative has made Turkcell one of the key global contributors to AI ethics and the first in Turkey to announce concrete AI principles.

During the press conference held at Turkcell HQ, the company shared its following principles: “We are human and environment centric”, “We are professionally responsible”, “We respect data privacy”, “We are transparent”, “We are security-based”, “We are fair”, “We share and collaborate for a better future”. The company will develop and improve next-generation technologies and services with the foundation of these 7 AI principles and drive beneficial outcomes for the society.

Omer Barbaros Yis: “AI should be raised like children and we commit to teach better”

Emphasizing that AI reflects the data fed into the system, “AI should be raised like children and we commit to teach better as responsible parents,” says Omer Barbaros Yis, Turkcell CMO. “Today we share our principles and our commitment to help AI have socially beneficial impacts for our customers and society at large. We are proud to become the first company to contribute to AI ethics in Turkey. The field will continuously expand and we will witness its transformative impacts in our daily lives. Backed by our experience in digital transformation and creating next-generation technologies, we will continue to drive a positive direction towards its advancement and help overcome public concerns about the field.”

Serkan Ozturk: “It is crucial to develop AI technologies that understand our language”

Demonstrating the substantial distinction between AI applications developed abroad and in Turkey during his speech, “National and local AI algorithms that understand our needs, culture, language and its structure are required to train AI technologies,” says Serkan Ozturk, Turkcell CIO. “We use AI technologies almost in every aspect of our core business and drive significant benefits. Out of these efforts, Yaani Assistant’s competence to think and understand Turkish will underline its distinction from other assistants after its soon launch.”

Participants experienced AI-powered “Spread the Green” project which allows Turkcell to plant trees based on the users’ smile. Turkcell also conducted emotional analysis test during the press conference.

Turkcell Legal and Regulation team conducts international studies in the AI field

As a powerful enabler to augment the capability of the society in various areas, AI empowers organizations to satisfy the needs of customers before the need arises, predict and avoid potential malfunctions in systems, and carry out tasks that require high and constant power without an error. With its immense pace in development in the last five years, AI raises powerful questions about degradation of existing jobs, personal data protection and privacy and whether machines will become a thread for the society. With the announcement, Turkcell has added another first to its track and emphasized the positive impacts of AI despite the suspicion and fear for the new generation technology.

Turkcell Legal and Regulation team engages in studies with international organizations such as UNICEF, WEF and IEEE to eliminate the concerns related to AI technologies and to drive positive outcomes for the society. Turkcell endeavors and takes an active role in international studies about Global Principles on AI and Child Rights, Principles related to Responsible Use of Facial Recognition Technology and setting the ethical standards for Emotional AI. Turkcell puts the law on the protection of personal data at the center, and emphasizes that AI technologies are an important aspect of fundamental human rights for further improvement.


Bugra Kaya

Turkcell Corporate Communications Expert


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