Alex Jay from eZay Automation Explains How Small eBay Sellers Can Compete with Large Retailers

SILICON VALLEY, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 13, 2020 / In 2020, eBay remains one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and its 183 million active users can persuade any aspiring entrepreneur to create an account and start selling. This may have been a simple mission about a decade ago, but now, a larger pool of users brings complicated challenges for small eBay sellers.

Starting an eBay store has become one of the go-to options when it comes to reaching financial independence, but today, in the age of social media and smartphone e-commerce, the standards are higher than ever. Customers have high standards and, as a small seller, you’re competing with people who have been in this business since eBay’s inception. London-based entrepreneur Alex Jay, the founder of Ezay Automation, explains the challenges of being an eBay seller in 2020 and how you can jump-start your journey.

Alex points out that the fierce competition on the eBay marketplace isn’t easy to handle, but customers have come to expect the same level of service from every store, regardless of its size: “eBay sellers need to understand that they’re competing with large retail shops. Everything from the listing words and product photos to order processing and customer relations needs to be handled flawlessly. Buyers expect the same level of efficiency and professionalism from eBay sellers as they do from large retailers.”

There are, of course, many factors that make an eBay store gain a positive reputation, but these are the ones that seem to make the biggest difference:

  • Detailed listings that include not only the features and specs of the product, but also professional photos from all angles, and even answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Precise order fulfillment. When ordering something on eBay, buyers expect the order to be dispatched within 24 hours and arrive at their address as quickly as possible, preferably without extra shipping costs.
  • Customer support. This is part of any successful business and an eBay store is no exception. As the seller, you have to reply to all messages from your clients, whether they want to know more about your product or make a refund.

These points can be challenging even for a large retailer, let alone a small, independent eBay store run by someone with no business experience. Streamlining all the processes that go into a successful eBay store can be very difficult and the tools that eBay offers in this regard (Pulse and Marketplace Research) don’t always make a difference. According to Alex, automation can be a great way to handle the competition and meet customer demands. His own company, Ezay automation, has helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs manage their eBay stores:

A client provides us with their eBay account, our full-time staff working from our 3 story building find hot selling products, we list them for clients, we handle orders, we handle customer relations, we handle order processing, shipping, price management, inventory level monitoring and more to ensure that the client can simply sit back and allow us to build their account into profits.”

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