AAEON.world Website’s “Majickk” Blog of “Supernormal Reality Hacking” Articles and Videos is Now Available

AAEON.world will Officially Launch on April 11, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2020 / The founders of the AAEON.world website are pleased to announce that they have pre-opened their “majickk” blog of “reality hacking” stories and videos. “Majickk” is defined by AAEON.world as “Science of the Ancients and The Future”. The AAEON.world site will officially launch on April 11, 2020.

To check out the “majickk” blog and learn more about what they mean by “supernatural reality hacking”, please visit https://aaeon.world/majickk.

As a spokesperson for AAEON.world noted, even though the site will not be live for a few more months, the founders want to open up their blog as soon as possible in order for the people of the world to see how extraordinary the world and reality truly is. Once the site is live, it will also feature a marketplace that features unique and beautiful items “from the future”.

“The content of the blog aims to display the now scientifically proven fact that our universe is primarily ‘mental’ in substance,” the spokesperson noted, adding that the “mental universe” concept has ancient “hermetic” origins, taught only in secret to initiated members of various secret societies and groups.

“The first public appearance of the ‘mental universe’ concept appeared in a book named ‘The Kybalion’ that elucidates the “7 Hermetic Principles/Laws” that govern all Creation.”

Even though the AAEON.world majickk blog only launched just recently, it is already creating quite a positive buzz from people who have visited the site. For instance, the articles that offer more information about “The Kybalion” and the knowledge system of Hermetics are quite popular with readers who want to learn more about this fascinating and thought-provoking topic.

As a recent blog noted, once people realize that they exist in a mental universe, they can unlock a great deal of new understanding about the world and how to hack the matrix.

“The matrix is real and masters can influence it at all levels of reality through understanding certain mental laws ‘THE ALL’ put into place that govern All Creation,” the blog noted, adding that the, “mental universe” principle taught in “The Kybalion,” as well as other hermetic and religious teachings, offers understanding allowing the “initiated” to “hack reality”, much like Neo does in the famous “Matrix” films. The purely mental composition of reality has even been the subject of a recent scientific research paper published in October, 2019, and found on the “majickk” AAEON.world blog.

About AAEON.world:

AAEON.world is linked with the Science, Art and Wisdom of the Next Golden Age of Humankind. Their Mission is to Connect the Future to Today. Their Products, Style and Knowledge from Tomorrow are available Today. For more information, please visit https://aaeon.world.


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